Mondays | October 5th and 19th  | 7:15pm​ | Studio & Livestream

    During each session  Antje holds space a certain vibration to provide a virtual meeting ground on which you are able to work with your higher self, guides and loved ones to kick start you on your the path you are meant to travel. The boost will occur in a variety of ways and each participants experience will be individual to him or her. Experiences will occur on whatever way is energetically required and may range from deep relaxation and energetic realignment to conscious communication with your higher self, guides and loved ones.  This is a very healing experience.


    Sacred space sessions are being held the first Monday of each month at 7:15 PM 

    $20 in studio or $10 Livestream, click below to sign up.


    New Date coming soon!

    Receive Reiki from Reiki Masters and Reiki 1 & 11 practitioners in a beautiful community setting. 

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